Our two voiceover studios are equipped with the highest quality software and hardware, including:

  • Digidesign ProTools HD
  • Neumann microphones
  • Avalon preamps
  • Genelec monitoring
  • Audio TX ISDN Hardware
  • Polycom VSX6000 videoconferencing system
  • and much more...

Both our studios are acoustically treated, and have top-of-the-range Esmono isolation booths, providing a dry, neutral-sounding environment with substantial elimination of extraneous noise.

This means that we deal with the highest possible quality audio throughout the recording, editing, and mixing processes, giving us the flexibility to provide you with final audio that fits your needs.

Preparing for Delivery

We have in-house facilities to deliver your audio in virtually any format that you may require, including CD, DAT, WAV/AIFF/MP3 via FTP or hard-drive. We can also convert to low-bitrate formats including A-law, μ-law, GSM 6.10 and many others. If you have a video production in mind, we can also work with most digital video formats. Our close links with equipment manufacturers and hire agencies mean that we can also accommodate any special format requirements that you have.

Whatever format you choose will have its own capabilities and limitations, and we will tailor the final product to take account of these and achieve the highest possible quality.

For more detail please refer to the individual studio pages, or contact us on 020 8661 7979 or