What We Do



Whether you need thousands of lines of multi-voiced speech for a computer game, or just a few lines for a TV advert, we have the facilities and knowledge to make your project work. From children's toys to railway announcements, audio books to telephone messaging, we have provided audio for just about anything you can imagine.

We understand that you may want to be involved in the recording process, so welcome you to attend sessions in person. If this is not convenient, we also have ISDN, Skype and Phone Patch facilities, enabling you to listen in and direct from elsewhere.

Our experienced studio team will work with you and the artists to ensure that the session runs as smoothly as possible, and that the final results meet your requirements.


After recording we will take steps to enhance your audio, whether this is removing clicks and pops, adjusting dynamics, or optimising clarity.

If necessary we can also perform further post-production on your audio. For example, matching the tone to an existing recording, or adding special effects such as pitching, echoes and reverberations for dramatic impact.

We can also prepare audio for concatenation (chaining short phrases together in different combinations, forming a greater number of long phrases, eg. railway announcements). This involves careful selection and editing of takes to ensure realistic-sounding results.


As an artist, it is vitally important that you have a professionally-produced, high quality showreel to help you stand out from the crowd. We can provide a full showreel production service, including recording, editing and delivering on a CD and as an MP3 for use in emails or on websites. We have a library of scripts for you to use, and can add background music and sound effects available to give your showreel a professional touch.

We also offer a compilation service, taking existing material and editing it together, again with music and sound effects if required, into an impressive, punchy showreel..