What We Do

Sound Design and Composition

Adding music or SFX can add an extra dimension to your product. We can provide anything from single spot effects to complex soundscapes involving music and layered voices. Our talented musicians and sound designers will help you create an immersive and unique sonic signature that will engage your audience.

Sound Design

From a cricket's chirp to a naval war scene, our designers have the experience to create any sound you can imagine. We do this by combining and processing sounds, both that we record or synthesise ourselves, and from our extensive sound effect libraries.


We can compose original music in any style to suit your product. Whether you need a fully synthesized dance track or a classical string quartet, we have access to a pool of talented musicians, composers and arrangers to create polished, professional productions.

Vocal Production - Tuning Songs

Our studio team are highly experienced at getting great performances from singers. Not every session can be perfect however, so we have facilities to tune and otherwise enhance vocal performances to produce an impressive sounding final product.